Get out of the conference room and into the Wisconsin outdoors. You might just be surprised what a little change of scenery can do for your team’s sense of adventure. And its willingness to conquer new challenges.

Challenge Course

Build trust and confidence among your team at our outdoor challenge course. We’ll begin with a series of activities on the ground that get employees to stretch themselves and embrace group problem solving. Then, if you’re up for it, we’ll hit the high-ropes course for a chance to see trust and support in action. 


Sailing Synergy

Test your team’s adaptability and camaraderie in our fast-paced Sailing Synergy. Working in partnership with the Sheboygan Sailing School, we’ll give participants–each working with an instructor–a chance to test their newly learned skills aboard a 20-foot sonar sailboat during a series of short regattas. Available June through September.


GPS Odyssey

Explore the Village of Kohler in search of clues with a GPS system. This fun, customized scavenger hunt will have your team laughing, solving challenges and navigating each other’s learning styles. Teams compete based on creativity and problem-solving skills–discovering the first to finish isn’t necessarily the winner.