Immerse your team in an interactive project-management experience as you overcome communication boundaries to complete a bridge-building project on time and to specifications. This experience requires teams to share information and learn how to effectively execute toward the end-design goal while being physically separated. It demonstrates the value of effectively managing change and working outside of silos.

How it Works

Introduction: Begin with an energizing activity and an overview of the project. (≈15 min.)

Roles and Goals: Go to the “worksite” and read the building schedule and project specifications information. Then create your team name and core values to share with your partner team at a get-acquainted meeting. (≈30 min.)

Building Time: Begin to work through a series of building times and off-site meetings. The meetings’ strict communication regulations will challenge your group and its partner team to get creative as you attempt to build identical, structurally sound and creatively designed bridges. (2 hrs.)

Final Unveiling and Debriefing: When the schedule is done, join your bridge with your partnership team and see the outcome of your work. The bridges will be assessed for building requirements, creativity and similarity to one another. A discussion about your experience, including decision-making points, communication strengths and struggles, will uncover how you can transfer what you’ve learned back to the office setting. (30-45 min.)

Program benefits

- Builds communication from a virtual or global perspective
- Breaks down silos
- Uses creativity to solve problems



- Indoor
- 3.5 hours
- Team size: 8-10 / Group size up to 100
- Low fitness level
- Portable program – requires either two meeting rooms or a divider wall in the middle of one