The Challenge Course program provides a unique and engaging team-building experience to develop cohesiveness among team members. Offering both high and low ropes experiences, the Kohler Experiential Learning Center will customize an activity scedule specific to your group needs and abilities. We facilitate all programs with a “Choice Focused” philosophy. Each participant is supported in making participation choices that are in line with his or her own goals, abilities and desires. Learning to make a conscious choice is often a person’s greatest learning opportunity. 

How it Works

Introduction: Start with an overview of the day, safety information and a discussion about choosing your level of challenge. Share your goals and expectations for the program as we balance laughter and fun with important details to comfort participants. (≈15 min.)

Large Group Warm-up Activities: Enjoy a variety of fun and energizing activities that facilitate building relationships with one another, getting moving, and mentally preparing for the larger challenges to come. (≈20 min.)

Team Challenges: Rotate through a series of interactive challenges chosen to meet your group’s needs and desires. After each activity, we’ll facilitate a reflection conversation about teamwork, individual strengths and opportunities for growth. These discussions connect back to workplace scenarios in order to increase the transfer of learning. (2-4 hrs.)

Lunch Break: If a full-day program

High Ropes Challenges: After a safety discussion, gear up in harnesses and helmets if you choose to try the High Ropes Course. The amount of elements climbed depends on the program timeline and goals. (2-4 hrs.)

Closing Debrief: Share team highlights, biggest learnings, and your appreciation for one another. We’ll ask specific questions based on the program goals and team culture.

Program benefits

- Re-energizes the team
- Fosters open communication and collaboration
- Builds team cohesiveness



- Indoors & Outdoors
- 5 hours
- Group size up to 40
- Low to medium fitness level
- Site-specific program done at the Kohler Experiential Learning Center

low ropes course

The Low Ropes Course gives participants an opportunity to collaborate, communicate effectively and lead a team toward accomplishing a common goal.

- All Around the World: Multiple decision points challenge your team to move everyone around a set of cables using ropes and other equipment as resources.
- Divergent Cables: Work in a partnership while being supported by your team as you attempt to move out on a V-shaped set of cables 16˝ off the ground.
- Change Management: Reorganize your group while balancing on a triangle of logs.


high ropes course

The High Ropes Course allows participants to really challenge their willingness to trust one another and the perception of their abilities as they trade roles on belay, supportive coach and adventurous climber. Elements of the course range from a climbing tower and zip line to multi vines and the leap of faith.

- Corporate Ladder: Climbing up an oversized ladder, you and a partner will quickly learn that the fastest way to the top is by choosing collaboration over competition.
- High Divergent Cables: This paired climb on shaky cables will give a new meaning to the idea of “leaning in.” The more trust and support participants offer, the farther along they go.
- Climbing Tower & Zip Line: Rock climb up the 40 foot tower, and then choose to be lowered or take the zip line back to the ground.