Get your team fired up with this interactive, incredibly fun cookout. In this team-led project-management experience, each participant is assigned a role with accompanying responsibilities such as choosing recipes, purchasing food, building fires, preparing and cooking food, designing dining spaces and facilitating dinner conversations. Teams reap the benefits of successful project management and individual accountability, enjoying both camaraderie and a delicious meal cooked over an open fire.

In order to translate the ideas and spirit of this event to lasting effects for your business, participants take time to discuss, share and draw insights from the event in a team-designed debriefing.

How it Works

Introduction: The facilitator opens the session with an energizing activity and an overview of the project. (≈10 min.)

Roles and Goals: After the introduction, teams go into decision-making mode. The menu is created and roles are assigned. (≈20 min.)

Implementation: Team members jump into action to accomplish their tasks while coordinating across functions to ensure a great finished product. (≈3 hrs.)

Enjoy the Meal: The best part of the project is sitting down to experience it. When the cooking is done and the room is ready, toasts are given and the meal is enjoyed by all. (≈1 hr.)

Final Debrief: The team reflects on their individual and collective strengths and struggles in working on this project and makes connections back to the workplace. (≈20 min.)

Program benefits

- Re-energizes the team
- Fosters open communication and collaboration
- Builds team cohesiveness



- Indoors & Outdoors
- 5 hours
- Group size up to 40
- Low to medium fitness level
- Site-specific program done at the Kohler Experiential Learning Center