Get your team fired up with this interactive cookout that promotes team development while giving back to the community. The Kohler Experiential Learning Center and local nonprofit NOURISH Farm to Family Philanthropy have joined forces to create an experience to help your team and those in need. In this team-led project-management experience, teams start at a local farm where they learn about sustainable agriculture while harvesting vegetables for the evening’s dinner. At the Kohler Experiential Learning Center, participants select their roles in creating a full meal using fresh, local ingredients to serve the team as well as 40+ meals for a local homeless shelter. Teams reap the benefits of successful project management and individual accountability, enjoying both camaraderie and a delicious meal cooked over an open fire.

How it Works

Introduction: The facilitator opens the session with an energizing activity and an overview of the day. (≈15 min.) 

Farm Tour and Work: First, the team tours the farm to learn about its history and current farming methods.  Then we dig in to help out with planting, weeding or harvesting before heading back with a generous amount of produce. (≈2 hr.)

Light Lunch and Menu Creation: The team travels from the farm back to the KELC to enjoy a light lunch and to start planning the menu for the evening feast. (≈1 hr.)

Implementation: Team members jump into action to accomplish their tasks while coordinating across functions to ensure a great finished product. (≈3 hr.)

Enjoy the Meal: The best part of the project is sitting down to experience it. When the cooking is done and the room is ready, toasts are given and the meal is enjoyed by all. (≈1 hr.)

Final Debrief: The team reflects on their individual and collective strengths and struggles in working on this project and makes connections back to the workplace. Meals are transported to the local homeless shelter to be enjoyed for dinner. (≈30 min.)

Program benefits

- Builds team engagement
- Fosters open communication and collaboration
- Teaches sustainable agriculture



- Indoors & Outdoors
- 7-8 hours
- Group size up to 40
- Low to medium fitness suggested
- Site-specific program done at the Kohler Experiential Learning Center