This intense challenge tests a group’s ability to solve complex problems. After examining a diagram, participants must replicate it using customized wooden puzzle pieces. The task seems simple, but as the group proceeds, they discover that it’s more complicated than it appears. To be successful requires a high level of teamwork and process improvement skills.

How it Works

Introduction: Begin with an energizing activity and an overview of the challenge. (10-20 min.)

Assembly: Receive your puzzle planks and assemble them according to the given diagram. (10-20 min)

Process Improvement: Once your team assembles the planks correctly, create and implement a plan for reassembling it as quickly as possible. Target goal times are provided, and your group will share ideas, clarify roles and practice your strategy. (45-60 min)

Final Attempt and Debrief: Your team will be timed in a final attempt to win and achieve “world class performance.” Join a full-group discussion about the experience including decision-making points, leadership, communication strengths and struggles. Discover what lessons learned you can take back to the office setting. (15-45 min)

Program benefits

- Use individual strengths to reach a team goal
- Practice creating a process improvement plan
- Work toward an ambitious goal under a tight timeline
- Energize a team/leadership development retreat



- Indoor
- 1.5- to 2.5-hour program
- Team size 6–10 / Group size up to 100
- Low fitness level
- Portable