Dessert Wars is professionally facilitated in partnership with renowned chefs from The American Club®.  Each team will play the role of a young startup company with an exciting new dessert product and an enthusiastic and passionate team. During the program, they will be challenged to create their product from scratch, while developing a business/marketing plan and preparing for the opportunity to pitch their company to a panel of judges acting as wealthy sweet-toothed investors. Each team will be given five minutes to give their pitch as well as a sample of their product to the group.

How it Works

Introduction: The facilitator and chef open the session with an overview of the program, cooking space and tools. (≈15 min.)

Roles and Goals: After the introduction, the teams review their recipes and discuss a strategy for making it on time and delicious. (≈10 min.)

Cooking and Creating: The groups gather the ingredients and equipment they need and get started on their culinary masterpieces. Logos are created, and jingles and marketing plans fill the room. (1-1.5 hrs.)

Presentaiton, Tasting and Recognition: Each team presents a business plan and its dish to a panel of judges and explains the unique qualities of both the creation and the team. Winners are then announced and prizes are awarded. (15-30 min.)

Program benefits

- Experience communication as a factor in success
- Utilize persuasive presenting and selling skills
- Enjoy a healthy dose of fun and fast-paced competition
- Laughter and fun



- Indoor
- 2-2.5 hours
- Team size: 4-5 / Group size up to 100
- Low fitness level
- Site-specific program done at a Destination Kohler cooking facility