Navigate your team to increased efficiency and success with this unconventional approach to team and leadership development. This challenging adventure invites teams to develop decision-making and communication skills while using a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) device to navigate an unfamiliar course through the Village of Kohler.

How it Works

Introduction: Start with an energizing activity and get an overview of the project. (≈15 min.)

Roles and Goals: Receive an equipment pack and instructions including the list of GPS points on your team’s route. Familiarize yourself with the challenge and tools before setting off to your first point. (≈15 min.)

The Odyssey: Manage your time wisely as your team tries to find each waypoint and complete accompanying challenges including trivia, team cheers and problem-solving challenges. GPS Odyssey can be a competitive or collaborative event, depending on your organization’s needs. (2-2.5 hrs.)

Sharing the Odyssey and Recognition: Enjoy what may be the best part of your adventure: sharing your story. Your team will be scored on various challenges, some of which require performance; others include sharing entertaining and laughter-inducing photos. (30-45 min.)

Program benefits

- Insight gained into your team and leadership dynamics
- Develops communication and decision-making skills
- Learn to think creatively to solve different problems



- Outdoors
- 3.5 hours
- Team size: 4-6 / Group size up to 40
- Medium fitness level
- Portable program – if done outside of Kohler, Wis., a preprogram setup day would be required