Using a simple four-color model and the Insights Discovery Personality Profile, you’ll gain a better understanding of your personality and that of your colleagues. This program focuses on overcoming communication issues, ensuring the continued growth of your people and organization. This fun, interactive approach provides a language and framework that can be put into practice immediately.

How it Works

Understand Self: Learn the insights model as it relates to you and your team. Receive an individualized 20-page profile with strengths and areas for development.

Understand Others: Learn about team dynamics by walking the insights wheel and connecting with colleagues. Share communication.

Adapt and Connect: Learn and practice strategies for communicating with all personality types.

Take Action: Set goals for personal and team development based on the learning from the day.

Program benefits

- Understand your unique personality
- Develop your interpersonal skills
- Improve your communication
- Create better personal and professional relationships



- Indoor
- 4-hour program
- Group size up to 100
- Low fitness level
- Portable
- Pairs well with many of our Adventure and Problem Solving programs
- Follow-up programs for team and leadership development are available