Energize a day in the conference room or kick off a lunch meeting with a bang. Ideal for large groups, these short programs can be done at any location. A variety of activities are selected to meet your goals and, through laughter and fun, build trust and energize your team.

How it Works

Pennies of Possibilities: Participants guess the capacity of a penny to hold drops of water and decide when the limits have been reached. This simple physics demonstration sets the group up for a powerful conversation about perceptions of possibility, opportunity, challenges, limitations and assumptions.

The Full Circle of Leadership: Participants increase their understanding of leadership—the ability to use strengths effectively and inspire others to do the same—by working together in an experiential activity. The exercise can serve as a springboard to discussing the strengths and opportunities of the larger team.

Channels of Communication: This business simulation explores effective communication as the team works together to deliver results in a fast-paced environment. Successful teams focus on process improvement while managing the deadline and getting all team members on board with implementing the
final plan

Customize Your Own: Call us to discuss your meeting agenda and specific goals. We will select group activities that best fit your team.

Program benefits

- Energize a team/leadership development retreat
- Build team cohesion and camaraderie
- Support the content of your meeting with an engaging experience



- Indoor or outdoor
- 30-minute to 1.5-hour program
- Group size up to 300
- Low fitness level
- Portable