Sailing Synergy provides an exciting team experience with the ever-changing natural conditions of Lake Michigan. The day will begin with a facilitated discussion about team hopes and goals as well as a lesson on sailing fundamentals. Crews will then rig their boats and apply their new language and skills on the water. Certified instructors will provide coaching and safety throughout the experience. Open-water practice offers teams the chance to establish roles and effective communication techniques as well as the confidence and independence needed for the final competition. Depending on group goals and weather conditions, the teams will compete in a regatta or obstacle course before heading back to shore. Back on land, the crews will relate the experience and their learning to workplace opportunities and challenges.

How it Works

Introduction: The facilitator opens the session with an energizing activity and an overview of the program. (≈10 min.)

Sailing Fundamentals: After the introduction, teams learn important sailing fundamentals such as points of sail, parts of the sailboat and crucial knots. (≈30 min.)

Skill Practice: Teams rig their boats with the help of an instructor and then set sail.  Everyone learns the various roles on the boat and gets a chance to practice each position. (≈1 hr.)

Regattas: If the weather cooperates, a series of regattas will be run in order to put their new skills to the test. (≈1 hr.)

Program Debrief: Once back on shore, the group gathers to discuss their experiences and relate their learning back to the work environment. (≈30 min.)

Program benefits

- Experience Team Dynamics in the midst of change
- Increases confidence and sense of accomplishment
- Builds awareness of individual strengths
- Strengthens effective communication



- Outdoors
- 3.5 hours
- Team size: 3-4 / Group size up to 30
- Medium fitness level
- Site-specific program at Sheboygan lakefront
- Sailing is always weather-dependent, and backup program options can be arranged