Thinking strategically, performing in the midst of chaos, and balancing risk and reward all play out in this engaging simulation. Snap Decisions requires participants to maneuver blindfolded through a maze picking up chips that represent money to the company. The whole team collaborates to analyze and define a problem, set priorities and goals, improve communication and trust, ensure accountability and meet a deadline.

How it Works

Introduction: Start with an energizing activity and an overview of the scenario including different team member roles. (≈15 min.)

Roles and Goals: After dividing into a “leadership team” and a “technician team,” split up to experience a fast-paced scenario. The leaders will create a strategy, develop a training plan and make a financial commitment to how much their team can accomplish during the implementation phase. (≈45 min.)

Implementation: The leaders must then communicate their plan and prepare their technicians to execute it. Once the timer starts, the rush to meet the goal begins.
(≈45 min.)

Final Count and Debrief: When time runs out, count your chips and update your financial sheets. Then join the full group for a discussion about your experience including decision-making points, communication strengths and struggles. Discover how you can transfer what you’ve learned back to the office setting. (≈45 min.)

Program benefits

- Builds strategic planning skills through an interactive experience
- Improves communication
- Ties behaviors and learning to your organization



- Indoor
- 2-2.5 hours
- Team size: 8-20 / Group size up to 50
- Low to medium fitness level
- Portable program – requires two separate meeting rooms