You're going to have to use your noodle.
You might also make a few from scratch.

Cook up some friendly competition with our hands-on culinary programs. These team-building courses celebrate creativity while building collaboration in a fun, fresh and flavorful way.

Team Cuisine®

Known for its award-winning restaurants, Destination Kohler is home to some of the best chefs in the Midwest. We’ll pair your employees with our master chefs to compete in a cooking competition. Stick to the recipe or add your own flair. Teams build collaboration and weigh risks as they cook, plate and present their dishes.


Dessert Wars

Destination Kohler is known for delectable desserts, and we’ll show your employees how to make a big impact with a simple recipe. Paired with our pastry chefs, each small team will assign roles, explore plating techniques, and develop its own business plan complete with logo. It’s a delicious way to explore teamwork – and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Cookin' on Fire

Think a quick grill-out sounds easy? We make it into a complete project-management challenge. From grocery shopping to decorating the dining area, your team will make collaborative decisions, embrace personal responsibility, and learn to jump in and help each other when needed. It’s a great stand-alone program or the perfect capstone for a full day.


Cookin' For Hunger

Get your hands dirty at a local farm, where your team will learn about sustainable agriculture. Then transform fresh produce into a healthful meal big enough to feed yourselves and people at a local shelter through a partnership with Nourish Farm to Family Philanthropy. With a great goal in mind, you may be surprised to see how driven your team is throughout the experience.