Professionally facilitated in partnership with renowned chefs from The American Club®, Team Cuisine uses a culinary setting to teach teamwork. Teams compete to create the best overall finished product and are judged on taste, presentation and teamwork.

How it Works

Introduction: Get an overview of the program, cooking space and tools from the facilitator and chef. (≈15 min.)

Roles and Goals: Break into teams, review recipes and discuss a strategy for making your dish delicious and on time. (≈10 min.)

Cooking Time: Gather the ingredients and equipment you need, and get started on your culinary masterpiece. Some groups throw in extra challenges along the way to spice things up. (1-1.5 hours)

Final Tasting & Recognition: Present your team’s dish to a panel of judges, and explain the unique qualities of both your creation and your team. The judges will announce winners and award prizes. (15-30 min.)

Lunch or Dinner: If your team chooses, enjoy lunch or dinner made by The American Club® chefs at an additional expense.

Program benefits

- Experience communication as a factor in success
- Learn the importance of celebration
- Unleashes your individual creativity



- Indoor
- 2-2.5 hours
- Team size: 3-5 / Group size up to 100
- Low fitness level
- Site-specific program done at a Destination Kohler cooking facility