Illuminate the strengths and challenges of your team with a series of experiential challenges specifically focused on trust and collaboration. These fun challenges will highlight the patterns and behaviors of your team with breaks that allow the group to discuss which behaviors they need to do more of and which they need to change or discard. As activities progress, the team can practice new team norms and offer feedback and encouragement.

How it Works

Introduction: The facilitator opens the session with an energizing activity and an overview of the program. Depending on the focus of the event, specific team or leadership theories might be introduced during this time. 

Strengths Identification: Teams participate in short challenges to identify individual and team strengths.

Team Challenges: Based on program objectives, teams participate in specific team-based initiatives. Each challenge provides opportunities for participants to utilize their strengths, try out new roles and collaborate to reach a common goal.

Final Debrief: The group joins together for a facilitated discussion about their experience. They review decision-making points, acknowledge communication strengths and struggles, and discuss how to transfer their learning back to the office setting.

Program benefits

- Empower teams to apply effective communication skills.
- Provide opportunities to strategize, collaborate and take on leadership roles.
- Provide practice building consensus and implementing a plan.
- Encourage camaraderie as a result of successfully solving problems together.



- Indoor or outdoor
- 2.5- to 4-hour program
- Team size 8-20 / Group size up to 100
- Low-to-medium fitness level
- Portable