Get your creative juices flowing, test your team’s marketing skills and learn about the qualities of fine wine at the same time. We partner with a wine expert to offer this program. The wine demonstration allows participants to sample wines, learn about the different types of wine and what differentiates them. Following the demonstration, the team will break into smaller groups and will be given the challenge of creating a marketing piece to promote a specific type of wine based on provided demographics. The program will end with fun presentations by each group and judging to announce a winner.

How it Works

Introduction: The facilitator and wine expert open the session with an overview of the program.  (≈10 min.)

Wine Tasting: After the introduction, the wine expert conducts a beginner-level wine tasting experience.  The teams blind taste a red and white wine and gain points by correctly guessing the grape makeup of each wine. (≈30 min.)

Team Challenge: The teams are each given a different vineyard to represent as they make a plan for getting a new product out to a specific market segment.   Wine labels are created with a variety of art supplies as marketing strategies are discussed. (≈1 hour)

Presentation, Tasting and Recognition: Each team presents their wine and their plan for ensuring its success. All team members participate in these often hilarious and always creative presentations. A panel of judges determine and then announce the winners and prizes are awarded. (≈15-30 min.)

Program benefits

- Builds awareness of different types of wine
- Blends differing perspectives
- Offers a healthy dose of friendly competition



- Indoor
- 2-2.5 hours
- Team size: 4-5 / Group size up to 100
- Portable program